Episode 8: Where Does Tomorrow Happen?

Episode Eight takes us out of the blue and into the black. Out of Canada into California and all around the heartland with one of the most iconic singer-songwriters and rock and roll heroes of the last four decades, Mr. Neil Young. On Side A we have a classic late night porch banter about Neil Young's "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" which was covered by the Chromatics. On side B we take a jaunt to London to have a little fireside chat about Freddie Mercury and the band Queen. Their song "Somebody to Love" is just brilliant and leads us to my very first crush, Mr. George Michael. The band Wham also find their way onto our porch for some banter and dancing again because "guilty feet have got no rhythm..."And since we recorded this episode during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies - we were feeling rather Olympic not only with our banter but also our dance moves...We hope you enjoy this episode. We sure did.