Perhaps one day, my epithet will read:

“Here lies Amanda; she loved this song…”

Until then, I hope Cover Story will speak for my love of music & lyrics. As a kid, I got stuck in my head sometimes and music seemed to be the only way out. Hours were spent in my bedroom making mixed tapes for a select few with the hopes of turning them onto something new while carefully curating the unforgettable classics for them. A few months ago, I found a mix I made way back in 1991. While it may not be my finest mixed tape, it still holds up today. And, that’s pretty fucking cool.

The idea for Cover Story came to me at many different angles. Most acutely while sitting on my porch listening to music on my own or with some friends. I’d hear a cover (or an original I thought was a cover!) that would just blow me away. It begged the question I’d often ask my late night/early morning porch regulars: “Okay, so tell me a cover song you like better than the original and what makes it so great?”

Many late night musings on the porch ensued. Heated debates ensconced in laughter and cigarette smoke swirls solidified some songs that Cover Story wants to share with you. Thanks to Kitty Nastro, Pete Costanzo, and Matt Filler, what was once just an idea has now become a lovely little podcast reality.

Created by Amanda McGovern & Produced by Matt Filler